About us

MWCB Entertainment is an agency that has been effectively running from 2014 and is headed by a dedicated team. Our main focus is creating and hosting events. We are focused more on beauty pageants in and around neighbouring communities. We are known by developing local talent as well as nurturing the abilities of the youth through our phenomenal skills. We put our head and heart to what we do thus making us locally recognized as one of the most effective entertainment companies.

MWCB Entertainment’s great establishment is Face of Sosha and Miss Garankuwa which are both annual beauty pageants. Face of Sosha is a modelling campaign that is established to help young and talented girls around the area of Soshanguve while Miss Garankuwa is based in Garankuwa. Face of Sosha started as an online competition that grew to be a huge annual event.

Our Vision

Our ultimate dream is to be recognized locally and globally as a leader in branded, location-based entertainment and creating a platform for every talented individual.

Our Mission

To create and host events that will promote local talent in aspects such as Arts, Entertainment and Welfare.


Mwcb entertainment is being recognized for its hard work by the people of Tshwane, thus it won the hall of fame award 2016 for most influential organization.

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